Cameran Surles is a writer, actor, filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA.

She got her start in Austin, TX, on Terrence Mallick’s Tree of Life. Soon after, she met another of her director heroes James L. Brooks who wrote a part for her in his next film. She has since appeared on numerous network TV shows, award-winning theater, and indie film, including her short Katie and Ben which won multiple festival awards including “Best Actress.” She studies at the famed Steppenwolf Theater Co. Cameran’s writing accolades include projects advancing in Sundance, Imagine Impact, Napa Valley FF and others.

She currently works as in-house writer and creative producer for Adam Goodman’s production company Invisible Narratives, where she writes and produces film and TV content. She is interested in exploring stories as part of a new trend: the 30 something heroine. Real, honest stories of womanhood, and all the ambition, mediocrity, self-awareness, identity, sex, friendship, mortality, tragicomedy that goes with it.