Apr 2020

Self Tapes to keep sane

Been using some of my quarantine time in between existential spirals to get cathartic and put some of my favorite characters on tape. I’ve been working on a lot of plays (my fave type of material to work on). Comment down below if you want me to post more self tapes! I’m just kidding. The only comments I get on these posts are from Russian bots. So… комментарий внизу? I guess? I’m sure I just made the bot problem worse.

Anyway! Here’s a monologue I wrote playing a strong, competent woman… who is also pretty neurotic and trying desperately but failing to hold on to what little facade of control she has left.



Apr 2020

Pancake Baby

Welp, we’re in lockdown, baby. It ain’t been easy, and how I feel about it is not only a minute by minute rollercoaster, but also I’m sure the subject of another post. In the meantime, please enjoy this short I wrote with Rachel Callman and shot with Richard DiLorenzo and Sydney Walsh. It was made in 48 hours with very little resources, but hey. We did a thing in a tough time, ate plenty of pancakes and had a laugh or two while doing it. Special thanks to Richard 🧡.



Feb 2020

‘Nother day, ‘nother reading

A Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian walk into a bar… and write a podcast dramedy about a woman Messiah.

This one’s a new one for me. It’s actually a scripted podcast written with my good friends and frequent co-conspirators – I mean collaborators – Misha Euceph and Rachel Callman. We never thought much about each other’s background because our commonalities transcended religion. But together, we wondered what would happen if one of the most powerful religious roles reserved in history was bestowed upon a flawed, confused millennial woman like any one of us. We dove into our own religious experiences, the history, and the cannon, exploring how gender politics, religious wars, the prevalence of social media and the self-care culture would impact the second coming. And how a 28 year-old “spiritual but not religious” Echo Park resident’s normal friends and normal problems could become the moral compass of the modern world.



Feb 2020

New Short // New Reading

I wrote a new short! Excited to keep workshopping it and hope to shoot it this summer.

Speaking of workshopping, I got the opportunity to perform with an amazing organization called Club B.Y.O.S.S. They want to bring writers and filmmakers together to celebrate short scripts with the belief that scripts shouldn’t have to be produced in order for the story to be shared. The written piece alone is worth an audience!

See below some pics from the event and info about the short!



Nov 2019

Sundance x Director Co//ab

Back with Sundance, this time for a director workshop. My first time truly at the helm , it was amazing to take it step by step and hear tips and tricks from other directors in the Sundance fam.

The assignment here was to take a generic scene given to us by the workshop and imbue story, character design, and life into the short, somewhat vague scene. I wanted to tell a story of connection between a couple. Love and lust and jealousy, a power struggle of just trying to figure out where you are with a partner. I loved working with my actors and communicating to my DP how I wanted the camera to feel like a third character in the scene. See below my mood board for a sneak peak into my creative process.



Mar 2019

My pilot The Cropper Sisters advances at Imagine Impact

Imagine Entertainment, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, the people behind Friday Night Lights, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Restless… heard of ’em? Imagine has an incubator program called Imagine Impact where the o.g.s mentioned above take new(ish) writers and creators under their wings and impart all their decades of storytelling knowledge onto the spongey brains of the noobs.

I get to take all my hopes and fears and thoughts and dreams and curiosity and empathy and imagination and love for my little pilot The Cropper Sisters and the characters in it and spin a yard or two to producers I’ve followed for years. Click below to read a small excerpt of the pilot.



Jul 2018

Best Actress at CA Women’s Film Festival

Welp, we’ve a great go of things with my short film Katie and Ben. So proud of the people who did this little films with me: Michael, Nell, Julia, Melissa, Jimmy. We played at a bunch of festivals, won a bunch of awards, but I gotta say this last one was my fave. Best Actress. Thank you California Women’s Film Festival for a great night! Here’re some pics from the event and a few other red carpet pics for good measure.



Jun 2018

On The Market x SUNDANCE

My web series On the Market made it to the 2nd round of the Sundance New Voices Lab! To me, Sundance is the holy grail, and being one step closer to the Sundance fam is GOALS. See below my submission vid if you wanna get a little bit more about why I think this series is so cool.



Apr 2018


In more Folk Hero & Funny Guy News, we went to Tribeca in April! The film played in competition to rave reviews. Such a fun time celebrating the film with everyone. Can I move to New York yet?!



Nov 2017

Pitching my feature U at Napa Valley Film Festival

I had the best time pitching my feature film at Napa Valley film fest this year. First of all, I love wine more than almost anything, so needless to say it was a memorable weekend. I pitched my film to an auditorium fulla folks and executives. Now, I just wait for Ed McMahon to drop off the big check. That’s how that works, right? And bonus points for Napa Valley FF because they also featured the film I was in last year Folk Hero and Funny Guy!