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Feb 2020

‘Nother day, ‘nother reading

A Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian walk into a bar… and write a podcast dramedy about a woman Messiah.

This one’s a new one for me. It’s actually a scripted podcast written with my good friends and frequent co-conspirators – I mean collaborators – Misha Euceph and Rachel Callman. We never thought much about each other’s background because our commonalities transcended religion. But together, we wondered what would happen if one of the most powerful religious roles reserved in history was bestowed upon a flawed, confused millennial woman like any one of us. We dove into our own religious experiences, the history, and the cannon, exploring how gender politics, religious wars, the prevalence of social media and the self-care culture would impact the second coming. And how a 28 year-old “spiritual but not religious” Echo Park resident’s normal friends and normal problems could become the moral compass of the modern world.