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Jun 2015


“As in a theatre, the eyes of men, after a well-graced actor leaves the stage,
are idly bent on him that enters next…”

-William Shakespeare
Richard II

Wise words by Billy Shakespeare. As an actor, you got to give that man some props. And, that’s just what I’m doing in this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. I am starring in the US premiere of LOVE LABOURS WON, the critically acclaimed Shakespearean pastiche play. (If you don’t know what a pastiche is, that’s OK. Neither did I. Think: parody, but in a good way). This play won Pick of the Fringe in Edinburgh 2 years running (that’s a BFD), and now we’re doing it here. Check out the website to read more of the effusive reviews and check out flier below for show times!