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Apr 2020

Self Tapes to keep sane

Been using some of my quarantine time in between existential spirals to get cathartic and put some of my favorite characters on tape. I’ve been working on a lot of plays (my fave type of material to work on). Comment down below if you want me to post more self tapes! I’m just kidding. The only comments I get on these posts are from Russian bots. So… комментарий внизу? I guess? I’m sure I just made the bot problem worse.

Anyway! Here’s a monologue I wrote playing a strong, competent woman… who is also pretty neurotic and trying desperately but failing to hold on to what little facade of control she has left.



Apr 2018


In more Folk Hero & Funny Guy News, we went to Tribeca in April! The film played in competition to rave reviews. Such a fun time celebrating the film with everyone. Can I move to New York yet?!



Apr 2017

Women in Film Mentorship Program

It me.

It’s back to school for me. If I can be honest, I always liked school. I probably liked it because I was good at it. Or is the opposite true: I was good at it because I liked it? Maybe that’s actually closer to the truth. A self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

Anyway! I digress. Nothing new there. My boyfriend recently told me my stories are too long, and I should get to the point faster. Um, excuse me?! The story is the point!

Except not really right now. The point is I applied and was accepted into the very prestigious Women in Film Mentorship program! I’ll be learning from and alongside the best in the biz. How to navigate this crazy tinseltown, with my sanity and my sense of something to say in tact. I’ll meet at ICM on The Avenue of the Stars and make plans to take over the world. Or at least make a show about it.



Dec 2016

Women in Film Upfronts

Christmas came early this year! My project ON THE MARKET is a finalist in the Women in Film Upfronts. So, it’s set to screen in January in front of an audience of other lady filmmakers and (hopefully) interested buyers. ‘Cause mama wants a new pair of shoes for Christmas!